Online Training

Pure and Simple Training Solution

Any company’s greatest assets are its employees, and we believe that training and skills development are the keys to productivity, growth and success.

"We are proud to offer PROOF to the effectiveness and success of our training solutions: Our offering incorporates measurable results through our custom reports system."
Marinda Fourie
Owner: Pure and Simple Productions

How does it work, step-by-step?

1. The Platform:

A selection of platforms are available to host your training solution. We will help you select the best platform based on your specific needs and requirements.

3. Reports:

Our training solutions incorporate reports, which will indicate data such as: Which participants have completed the course, feedback from the participants, results of each participant, including a wide variety of other information which you may require.

2. The Training Material:

We discuss your training content in detail. Then we develop your training material, making use of various creative mediums, such as videos, slide-shows etc. The training material is presented to you for approval.

4. Going live:

Your training solution is ready to be shared with your employees.

A custom made, user-friendly, effective training platform with measurable results.

How we differ from other training companies.

Pure and Simple Productions specializes in developing tailor-made training material that addresses specific problems, needs and requirements. Our custom-made solution is highly effective and measurable. 

We therefore do not offer ‘standard’ training courses, but pride ourselves in finding SOLUTIONS for your training challenges.

"Because our training solutions are custom-made, we can produce your training material in various languages."
Marinda Fourie
Owner: Pure and Simple Productions

"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart". Nelson Mandela.